Mission Statement: The Brewer Public Library, Richland Center, Wisconsin, will be responsive to the area’s diverse community and be an integral part of its intellectual and cultural life. The Library will provide free and equal access to information, knowledge and ideas; will promote personal enrichment and life-long learning; will encourage literacy and the love of reading for all age groups. It will foster cultural and educational programs and partnerships by the utilization of the appropriate technology. These activities will be accomplished with quality service through positive human interactions and an inviting environment.

Library Board

  • Francis Braithwaite – President
  • David Turk – Vice President
  • Lisa Rewald – Secretary
  • Jarred Burke
  • Diane Cox
  • Dawn Kiefer
  • Ed Pulvermacher
  • Ida Ryan
  • Blossom Wright

Library Staff

  • Martha Bauer- Library Director
  • Emily Zorea – Youth Services Librarian
  • Rachel Cox – Library Assistant
  • Natalie Jones – Library Assistant
  • Margaret Neefe – Library Assistant
  • Lori Norman – Library Assistant
  • Chris Stark – Library Assistant
  • Natalie Hayes – Library Page
  • Crystal Foley –¬†Historian
  • Kerry Melby – Custodian

Other Resources


2 thoughts on “Administration

  1. I usually renew books online, but all the links under the services/forms tab (where the renew option is located) seem to be broken. Is that part of your website under construction? I used to be able to see a list of all the books I have checked out over time, but can’t see any option for this either.

    • Hi Darcie,

      I believe our ILS vendor, Auto-Graphics, has been making changes to this module. First, please make sure you are using our NEW calalog, located at You should be able to renew items using the following steps after logging in to your account.

      1. Click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the page (within the purple bar at the top).
      2. The “Items Out” page should automatically display. If not, choose “Items Out” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
      3. Find the item you would like to renew in the list. On the right-hand side of each item, you’ll see bold “Renew Item” text. If you click on this, your item should renew and you should see the due date change. It is not clear at first that you must click the text to renew.

      If you continue to have issues with this, please call the library during our open hours and we can renew your items over the phone. (608) 647-6444.

      Thank you,

      Angela Noel
      Brewer Public Library

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